What We Found In Our Backyard

I would like to introduce you to newest backyard find, a freakishly large, mutant, skateboarding caterpillar named Steve, or possibly Dirtbag (I couldn’t make that up if I tried):

My husband tells me this is not a caterpillar, it is actually a larvae, but I do not believe him.  I should know, because I take all my zoological training from Pixar movies, and I think our little guy looks remarkably like this:


63 thoughts on “What We Found In Our Backyard

  1. Liz C. says:

    Okay, so they need to name him HEINRICH!
    Shannon, thanks for the giggle… my 3yo has made me replay it three time, so she can “look at the cattlepiddle.”

  2. Luke Holzmann says:

    [smile] Pixar is a fantastic animation studio that can actually come up with good stories, but I don’t know if you should take zoology lessons from them… though they do quite a bit of research for their films….

  3. Kim H. says:

    Okay, we found one of those this summer too. I had no idea what it was except for it WASN’T coming in MY HOUSE!
    I hope Steve/Dirtbag provides lots of hours of entertainment for your boys – and they don’t torment your daughter too much! 🙂
    And your Southern accent is just adorable.

  4. Amy says:

    We love this video-especially my little boy. I personally love the sound of cicadas singing in the background, as we don’t have them here…to me, they’re a song of the South. I miss them!

  5. MamaHenClucks says:

    Maybe if he was a cute, furry catapillar, I could say sweet things. But I’m sorry Steve (or Dirtbag) I just don’t think you are that cute. You kinda freak me out a bit. In the fall, my mom gets giant hairy catapillars in her yard by the dozens. It’s a little bit creepy~!

  6. Andrea says:

    Too funny–your kids are hillarious. It is fun to hear what your voice sounds like after reading your blog for so long. And I mean that in the most un-stalkery way possible… I hope Steve/Dirtbag doesn’t end up lost in your house 🙂

  7. melanied says:

    Hilarious! I almost had a heart attack until I realized it was a toy skateboard!!! I love that you remain calm even in the face of your fear that your sons will get the larvae too close to you! A true Southern belle (although you just sound normal to me, what’s all this about your accent?!).
    I’ll be interested (possibly disgusted) to find out what he becomes if he is just a larvae. Fun stuff!!!

  8. Juliana E. says:

    How fun to hear your voice! I have been reading your blog for almost a year and now I have that sweet southern accent to go along with your wonderful writing!
    Yuck on Steve/Dirtbag – bugs and I don’t get along well. My daughter always wants to name creatures she finds Steve. Hmm.
    Juliana E.

  9. Paris says:

    I think he is cute and I agree with Kris! I bet the fat little guy would make a beautiful butterfly. Now I’m getting visions of A Bug’s Life and Heimlich. 🙂

  10. Erin says:

    That thing would go STRAIGHT in our bug catcher, if it were here…although I would insist that the bug catcher stay outside for the duration of the time that “caterpillar” was alive.

  11. Lisa says:

    We just found one of these last weekend when my husband was mowing! Watching my husband scoop him up in a shovel, while staying as far away as he could from it was hilarious!!

  12. Kelli@CountryMommie says:

    Love it! What creative kids – great use of a Tech-Deck!
    I forget everyone on the internet is not Southern. They are very fascinated by the accent! When I went to Australia, they would all say, “Say it again”. “Are you from Greenbow County?”. “Do you know Forrest Gump?”.

  13. Amy says:

    We found one of those the other day. My son told me there was a “long green worm” headed toward his sandbox and handed me a plastic shovel. I’m thinking…snake.
    We put ours in a bug barn for a bit then let him go. He was as big as a Ball Park Hot Dog!!

  14. Daiquiri says:

    Larvae? Aren’t they supposed to be…small? If that’s a larvae, I’d love to see what it grows into! Or…not.
    My favorite part of the whole video was hearing what your voice sounds like – love the southern accent! 🙂

  15. Chelsea says:

    We found one of those giant critters once, too! Ours didn’t skateboard, though… nor did my kids like it enough to give him a name. They all ran screaming when they realized it had a ginormous mouth.

  16. Laurie Ann says:

    EWE! But in a cute kind of way! I bet the kids enjoyed him, and grossing you out with Steve, or is it Dirtbag? Hope the caterpillar (I’m with you – he doesn’t seem like larvae material to me) had a good break from nature and is now back at home wondering, “Where’s my skateboard?”

  17. Chanda says:

    You and your husband are both right. It is a caterpillar…and caterpillars are larvae. It will eventually go through metamorphosis and turn into a butterfly or moth.
    What a great entomology lesson for the kids (even if mom thought it was a little gross). ;o)

  18. Beth @ A Quest for Relevance says:

    I had something like that, and it (actually they ate my tomatoes! They looked alot like yours, but my first thought was that Pixar worm, too! They hatched white baby-egg things all over their bodies one day and THAT WAS THAT. All the vines – tomatoes, worms and all – got yanked out and thrown away. YUK!!!

  19. AmberStar says:

    You know…I had to go back and listen for the cicada. We hear them here all the time and until someone mentioned it..well, I didn’t hear. I loved the kids though. Brought back nice memories of mine.

  20. Vicky says:

    Between this video and the picture Pioneer Woman posted on her cooking page the other day (large caterpillar on her chives), I am NEVER moving to Oklahoma. Ewwwww!

  21. Amy says:

    EWWWW, we get those here, too. They like tomato plants! I noticed another poster said that, too. I just called my mil and she calls them tomato worms. One summer we had them bad and she told my kids if they saw them to smash them. Boy, did they have fun with that! It was pretty gross, too.
    Love it on a tek dek. I’ll have to show the video to my kids.
    My 12 yr olds newest obsession is going outside with his friends to catch lizards. We have a pretty big one that lives behind our shed. He’s scared me a couple of times hanging clothes on the line.

  22. lovedandamazed says:

    I heard about one of those about two weeks ago, then saw one myself earlier this week. They are HUGE!
    And I admit, I had to play the video again just to hear the cicadas after they were mentioned in the comments. I’m so used to them here your neighboring state that I missed them the first time around. 🙂

  23. Jenny says:

    I think it is a hornworm? I only know this because I was working at a community garden we are a member of, in the tomato house, and lo and behold I came upon a GIGANTIC one of those. The gardner told me it is a hornworm and they feed on tomato plants. Do you have any tomato plants? He pulled it off and squished it with his shoe. Ick!!!!!

  24. prasti says:

    yuck…Steve (a.k.a Dirtbag) is HUGE! and very gross. i’m glad your kids didn’t mind though. you should take more footage of Steve/Dirtbag when he can do ollies on his skateboard or something 🙂

  25. Emily says:

    Yeah, those are pretty startling! Did you take the time to look it up? Because I think it might be a Luna moth….which is a beautiful big green and white moth that comes out at night….ever watched Girl of the Limberlost?

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