Cold, Cold, Cold

I thought it might be a really creative idea to write a blog post about The Blizzard Of 2011, since I’m sure this notion hadn’t occurred to any of the other 100 million Americans affected by the storm.

First, I interject the disclaimer that yes, all you people up north, I know that you aren’t intimidated by snow and you think it’s silly that we Southerners shut down our world for a little dusting. Lest you doubt our hardiness, let me remind you that we’re the same people who stand on our front porches and videotape tornadoes. So there. Anyway, this wasn’t exactly a dusting. Our region had the highest recorded daily snowfall ever–the local newspaper actually decided to close down for the first time in over a century. The mail isn’t running, the doctors’ offices are locked up, many highways are shut down entirely.

Basically, it’s a lot of snow, dumped on a bunch of people who don’t understand snow. To give you an idea of the depth of it, here are my two youngest playing in our backyard snow drifts (that’s the nine-year-old on the left):

Thankfully, we had warning of the storm that the media dubbed Snowmaggedon, SnOMG, Snowpocalypse, etc. etc. All day Monday, our radios and telelvisions pinged and blinked and scrolled with warnings that this was The Big One. We love our Oklahoma weathercasters–I guess you tend to bond with people whose voices you hear over the radio while huddled in tornado shelters–they may bring a little drama along for the ride, but they keep us safe!

Thus armed with knowledge, I stocked us up on all the necessary items: peanut butter, cereal, canned goods, toilet paper, cookie dough, and Funyuns. We have made five (so far) batches of snow ice cream (using this recipe–SO delicious). I have made banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and Pioneer Woman’s apple dumplings. My parents ventured out in their four-wheel-drive SUV to bring us deep dish pizza.

To summarize, we’ve gained 897 pounds.

In the three percent of our day when we’re not eating, we’ve done the following:

  • Worked on my son’s insect collection, due in a few weeks. There is a gigantic dead cricket on my dining room table at this very moment. Want to come over for dinner?
  • Caught up on American Idol on the DVR. I will confess that I mourned the loss of Simon Cowell for the first couple of episodes, but the new judges are slowly growing on me. Is it just me, or does it seem like Randy is being a little meaner this season, perhaps trying to fill Simon’s shoes? C’mon, Dawg, play nice.
  • Laughed at our little dog, who is so puzzled by the snow. Three-foot snow drifts are confusing when you’re only 18 inches tall.
  • Managed to help my son get over some trouble he was having with fractions. 
  • Finally understood fractions, myself. It only took three decades.
  • Brought down the Thomas the Tank Engine toys from the attic. My six-year-old daughter plays with them, though not at all like her big brothers once did. There is no racing or colliding–instead, she lines them up and has them communicate at length about the significance of their relationships, and why are you sitting next to him? and I wanted to marry you! and your paint is a really pretty color! Oh, how I enjoy being a girl.
  • Stayed glued to the TV coverage of the crisis in Egypt–even the big kids are fascinated at what’s going on. Praying for the people there.
  • Become a little grumbly and cross with each other. At one point today, after some general shouting and shoving, the exasperated nine-year-old hollered, “THIS FAMILY IS JUST LIKE EGYPT!” *Sigh*.

Since I know that probably at least half of you are similarly snowbound, how are you hanging in there? We are bored and lonely and a little pathetic, so tell us all your funny snow stories. Or tell us that you, too, are thinking of renting a dog sled so you can go to the store for milk.

35 thoughts on “Cold, Cold, Cold

  1. jamie says:

    LOL Aren’t snow storms great for bonding? 😉
    We are in Kentucky and weren’t affected by this storm. Two years ago however, we had a major ice storm. No power for eight days and we all had the flu. It was not pretty. You don’t think about atm machines not working without electricity. Good to keep a little extra back for emergencies like that.

  2. Jess says:

    Here Downunder in Australia, we blow our noses at your SNOW. So far this summer we have had massive floods that wiped out half of Queensland, a cyclone (the EYE of which was the size of New Orleans) wipe out the other half of Queensland and the rest of Australia is pretty much either flooded or on fire at the moment (my bit, flooded). Actually the biggest effect all these disasters will actually directly have on my life is bananas will soon out-price gold per ounce (75% of the national crop was decimated by the cyclone)which may not sound like much, but to me, it’s tragic. I hope your cookie dough holds out!

  3. Llama Momma says:

    I’m in Chicagoland, and haved dubbed this “The Snowstorm With All of The Carbs.” We’ve snacked our way through the boredom! The kids are back to school today…so I guess it’s back to normal?!?!

  4. Dawn @ Wherever He Leads says:

    I am originally from RI and now live in KY. In RI, there has to be a good amount of snow for things to shut down. They are equipped and know how to handle the stuff. In KY, it takes just a dusting to shut things down. Especially where I live now, which is the middle of nowhere. The other day I had to skip my daughter’s therapy because we got a dusting of snow and we live at the top of a very steep hill. It just felt wrong to me, but I am trying to adjust life in KY.

  5. MemeGRL says:

    That’s a snow ice cream recipe worth trying! Yum.
    And fear not, you’ll burn 898 pounds of calories trying to move all that snow. Ugh. My sympathies to you. We had snowmageddon here last year, which made this year’s 15-incher seem much more tame by comparison. Is that a silver lining? It’ll have to do.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I know; I moved to Kentucky from Iowa and it took a while to get used to the attitude about a dusting of snow here. I don’t miss drifts taller than me, though!

  7. Rhonda Santoro says:

    Joyeux! Welcome to our life! Share and share alike I say, no need to be selfish. If you feel so inclined, please send some of your warm weather up PA way as soon as possible.
    P.S. So happy to have seen this post in my reader this morning :), it’s a gift!

  8. Deborah says:

    You made me smile this morning with this article, thank you! Sounds like you are surviving and doing well even if the cabin fever is setting in. I’m in Northwest Ohio, so snow is no big deal here, but to hear us all talk about it you’d think it was. We complain about the snow, the rain, the heat, you name it, depending on the season. This storm created an interesting layer of snow and ice that is really hard to extract from sidewalks and driveways. Other than that we are enjoying some beautiful winter scenes created by the snow, ice and frost.

  9. Rachel says:

    I loved that post because it was so true like what was going on in my house as well. We made homemade Valentine’s for school and for grandparents, we also cooked a lot. But when I heard that school was cancelled for a fourth day, I finally committed a desperate act…..I called the BFF’s for a weekday sleepover!

  10. Nicole @ Here's The Diehl says:

    we got a TON of sleet, and not much snow. it was a bit of a letdown, i must say.
    here’s what we’ve been up to:
    i totally forgot that we were going to make snow ice cream during the last big snowstorm we had! i’ll bookmark this paula deen recipe…there’s snow in the forecast for monday. sigh. my kids are going to be in school until july.

  11. Nicki says:

    We got lots of ice, dusted with snow. So there has been quite a bit of time spent ice skating/sledding around the yard, down the driveway, on the sidewalks, etc…Which means, I’ve been doing lots of video-taking of the kids and hubby falling down. The only thing that can be heard on said videos, is me laughing hysterically while trying to hold the camera steady.
    One such incident, Hubs was attempting to walk up the driveway and soon found himself going into a very uncomfortable ‘splits’ position, in a feeble attempt to save himself he lunged for his truck for support. However, his truck still had about 2 inches of ice on it and offered zero support, but actually increased the speed of his descent. No worries though, after I stopped laughing, I made sure he was okay.

  12. nicole says:

    I’m not sure it is snow-related, but my almost 3 yo daughter managed to cover the end rail of our bed in lipstick, while both my husband and I were in the room! So, perhaps we are a bit distracted by our various media outlets.

  13. Sarah at themommylogues says:

    I’m in a spot of Wisconsin that just has the usual, constant snow. We didn’t get an extra dumping (this time). So it’s business as usual here. -10? Still school.
    I’m so excited about American Idol! I was really skeptical about Steven Tyler and J Lo, but we have just been loving it. You can tell how much they just love music, and it’s just a nicer, less snarky atmosphere. I even liked Simon, because he did tell it like it is. But I’m digging this new approach.
    Might have to try the snow ice cream! I’ve got at least 3 feet outside to work with.

  14. Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers says:

    I’m totally with you on mourning Simon. We only got hooked on AI last year, but already I didn’t think it would be the same without him and I was not impressed with Steven Tyler. I confess, though, that he has totally grown on me. He’s a very personable guy. So, yes, the new judges are growing on me, and, yes, I do think Randy might be trying to fill Simon’s shoes. Meanness doesn’t suit Randy. Yo, dawg.

  15. Kaycee says:

    I am one of those “Up North” people, we got 16 inches in 12 hours (on top of the 6-8 inches already on the ground) and for the second time ever (in my memory) couldn’t get down the street or out of the neighborhood. Also? Our snow blower is broken. Also? My husband’s elbow is messed up and he needs surgery. The only other person in my house is 2.5 years old. I did a LOT of shoveling. I hurt. 🙂

  16. cyn says:

    I caught my 8 year old on the front step in my high heel black boots wearing a tankini AND posing in 19 degree weather! WE have been playing spoons, spoons, and more spoons, have collected huge icicles, and have burned more wood than I Have in my whole life! We have baked and baked so I think we have gained 1, 234 pounds. 🙂

  17. katie@Impatientlyprayingforpatience says:

    Speaking from someone who spent her whole life until the past year and a half in the south and is currently in the Chicago area. There are two reasons that the southerns rightfully fearful of snow. One, there are barely any snow plows in each city. So you literally get stuck at home for days. Two, ICE. There is so much more ice in the south when there is the threat of snow. Which is dangerous, scary, and sometimes a little fun to drive on. 🙂 So when people up here start to make fun of the south and their snow, you do have atleast one person who is trying to stand up for the southern folk. 🙂

  18. Shannon says:

    Yes! That’s it exactly. We thankfully didn’t get much ice this time around, but the amount of snow is overwhelming. And Hubs has driven to work only to see snow plows STUCK IN THE SNOW. So you’re absolutely right!

  19. Ann Kroeker says:

    Man, Shannon, this crazy, mixed-up, sorrowful, struggling world needs the funny you bring to it. Hope you were able to dig out and get to Wal-mart for more provisions. Things get ugly with the Funyuns run out.

  20. Michelle says:

    We had snomaggedden in SC a couple of weeks ago and were stuck in the house with a screaming newborn. I thought we’d never get to leave the house again. I was so thankful for the sunshine!

  21. JeneeLyn says:

    sounds like you have made good use of your snow days. I’m headed to WalMart at lunch to buy supplies for Valentine’s and other necessities, since MORE SNOW appears to be on the way. Here’s how bad it is. My 9 year old wants to move to Hawaii, so she’ll never have to see snow again. I don’t mind it as long as the power stays on. Our house is totally electric.

  22. Kimberly Hosey (Arizona Writer) says:

    Sounds like you made the most of your snow days. I feel immensely lucky now. We live in the desert. No snowbound days for us. I actually spent this morning LOOKING for snow to go visit.
    Of course, we squandered some of our beautiful days by being feverish and sick. But all in all, we’re pretty darn lucky.

  23. Laura says:

    Popping over to say hello – I think we have a friend in common – Miss Julie K in England? She told me she loves your blog – I can see why 🙂 Xo L

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