Hi–I’m Shannon. I started this blog in 1873. Okay, 2005. But that’s 1873 in blog years–because back then, our internet was dial-up, iPhones didn’t exist, “twitter” was the sound birds made, and Facebook was a college directory.

Also in 2005, I had four children between the ages of 1 and 8. I was up to my eyeballs in the exhaustion and joy of young motherhood. And yes, I really did have rocks in my dryer–nearly every day.

Those little ones are now 25, 24, 21, and 18–my nest is *this* close to being empty. I don’t have rocks in my dryer anymore. My three oldest are out in the real world, adulting hard; the only kid laundry here is that of an 18-year-old girl. Her contribution to helping me not miss her older brothers so much is to create as much laundry as all of them combined. What a dear gift. The only mischief in my dryer these days is the occasional stray lip gloss or AirPod or debit card in my dryer. (Clearly one of the things that hasn’t changed since 2005 is my ability to teach my kids to empty their pockets.) But “AirPods and Lip Gloss In My Dryer” isn’t very catchy, is it? So the seasons change, but the name stays.

I live in Oklahoma, and I’ve been married over half my life to a man who makes me laugh every day. I work in communications and development for a non-profit organization that is very dear to my heart. I love Jesus, books, semi-colons, unsweet tea, the British royal family, musical theatre, the color yellow, tabouli, and my neurotic little dog Toby.

Thanks for stopping by.

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